About us

Boosan Textile Machinery

While Santeks Textile Machinery was a company that imports and sells textile machinery spare parts with only 3 employees in 2003, it started exporting in 2006, opened its first office abroad in 2008, and started the production of Textile Machinery in 2017.

By 2021, it has become a company with 35 domestic and 6 international employees, exporting to more than 10 countries. Setting out with the principle of “Producing/supplying world-class products by producing/supplying the latest and latest technology textile machinery”, Santeks Tekstil Makineleri has become a company that produces Turkish origin textile machinery and exports abroad with its international brands “Santeks” and “Boosan”. has arrived.

Over the years, it has improved its product range, sales channels, industry experience and manufacturing infrastructure. The company, which currently represents more than 10 international companies in the domestic and Turkic Republics Region, has created a technical service team for each machine group in order to meet the instant and urgent technical support needs of the companies, as well as the sales of textile machines.

Our company, which produces solutions to the technical problems encountered regarding the imported machines, transfers technical information to the sector and textile products manufacturers on issues such as the working principle, production, operation of the processes, and technical capacity of the textile machinery, while also directing the textile machinery manufacturers it represents on the development of the machine and providing the manufacturers with the necessary made improvements.

As a result of the fact that the production costs in China are at the same level as in Turkey, the manufacturing experience and know-how it has gained, it has started the production of its own textile machines in 2017 as a result of its desire to produce with the Turkish Brand.

After 17 years of buying and selling textile machinery, technical service, customer needs and industry experience, it has established its own manufacturing infrastructure and gained the profile of a company engaged in Manufacturing-Export and R&D from the profile of an import-export company.

As of today, we are selling textile machinery in 18 main product groups, 3 of which are domestic.

Our Textile Machinery Types;

  • Flat Knitting Machines,
  • Quilting Machines,
  • Narrow Weaving Machines
  • Glove Machines,
  • Knitting Machines,
  • Copenhagen Machinery,
  • Cord Machines,
  • Crochet Machines,
  • Tire Knitting Machines,
  • Embroidery Machines,
  • Tres Machines,
  • Circular Knitting Machines,
  • Pompom Makers,
  • Yarn Transfer Machines,
  • Mesh Knitting (Raschel) Machines,
  • Remaiser Machines

In our journey that started with the Collar Machine (Flat Knitting Machines) group only in 2006, we have increased the product range with 18 textile machinery product groups from 1 textile machinery product group in order to increase our market share and fully meet customer needs over the years.

With the increase in the Textile Machinery product group, a technical service team has been established in each product group, while providing technical support and service to the customers in each product group, the company has gained knowledge on the working principle of the machine and the causes of malfunctions, while at the same time gaining experience for the transition to manufacturing in the following years. Thanks to this experience, the best technical service teams in the market have been formed for each product group.

We provide domestic and international service with our professional team, technical service of textile machinery, spare parts network and 100% customer satisfaction. Santeks Textile Machinery imports and exports textile machinery to every country with its corporate staff. We are constantly improving ourselves for you by adopting the ethical and moral business principle. You can examine our product category in the menu of our site to examine and have information about our Textile Machinery. If you wish, you can contact our customer representatives and get detailed information.

Santeks Tekstil Makineleri, which draws textile machine projects from the smallest textile manufacturer to the largest in Turkey, establishes a production line and provides the best technical support, has become a company that takes care to work with the principle of high customer satisfaction and; It continues its operations with the motto “Quality is produced, not controlled”.