Double Jersey Rib Machine

Double Jersey Rib Machine

Top and bottom gears adopt oil-soaking to reduce abrassion and noise, them improve their precision and life.

Adopting new designed frame of the machine, dial cam box base and sleeve have simultaneous displacement so that it becomes exacter and simpler to adjust the needle tolerance and clearance between top and bottom.

Multifunctional machine, equipped with cams of 2 tracks in dia and 4 tracks in cylinder. Just by changing the professional arrangement of cams, it would change the double structure and meet the changing market.

In addition to single size series, we also produce twin-size series.

One diameter machine can be changed into another diameter machine. E.g. 34″ x 73F can be interchanged with 30″ x 64F this function is available for single jersey or double jersey machines.

As the top and bottom gears are in oil, they reduce wear and noise and improve precision and service life.

Thanks to the newly designed frame of the machine, the cam box base and sleeve are displaced at the same time, thus adjusting the needle tolerance and the gap between the top and the bottom becomes simpler and more precise.

The multifunction machine is equipped with 2-way cams in the Dia and 4-way cams in the cylinder. The double structure  can be changed and adapted to changing market demands just by changing the professional order of the cams.