Narrow Diameter Single Jersey Knit Machine

Narrow Diameter Single Jersey Knit Machine

The frame of machine combines the knitting principle with human engineering. The outline is pretty and it’s firm and reliable. It adopts good cast iron, long natural timing effect and artificial timing effect, which prevents the parts from deforming.

Special driving system makes the machine run more stably. Main plate and gear of main plate adopt oil-soaking and imported high-class lubricating oil so that the running noise is small and driving gear is durable.

All cams and box are made of imported Japan alloy steel, engraved and abraded by CNC processing center, which makes the needle track smooth, and the needle would be fluent and durable when the machine runs at high speed.

New type designed center system has tight construction and stably going up and down, which makes the fabric weight adjustable precisely and simply.

Lycra device is available for the machine to produce all kinds of shirts, t-shirts, underwear, swimming wears etc.